How to Choose the Best Social Security Disability Attorney

Applying for disability payments can be a drawn-out and taxing procedure. Skilled disability lawyers are familiar with the thousands of regulations determining eligibility, the procedures, and how to present a strong case to Social Security for disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) procedure has evolved to become less human and more electronic and automated. That’s just another incentive to have a legal professional who can help you navigate the system. Having a Social Security disability attorney increases your chances of receiving benefits in a disability hearing by almost three times.

A Current Law License

Disability lawyers don’t need to be based in your state to represent you. They can take on cases in any state as long as they have a license to practice law in that jurisdiction. The American Bar Association allows you to verify the licensing of an attorney.

The SSDI and SSI programs, the SSA standards and processes, and the disability hearing and appeals process should all be well-versed in by a disability attorney.

Proven Track Record and Experience with your Disability

woman with disability denied from the SSDI

A disability lawyer should have a strong track record of winning matters related to disabilities, appealing claim denials, and getting clients the desired results. You might inquire about the lawyer’s success rates, the kinds of handicap cases they have managed, and the recommendations or endorsements they have received from prior customers.

A lawyer specializing in your particular disease or condition is probably better knowledgeable about the necessary elements of a strong case. Before taking on your case, a competent handicap attorney should be curious to learn more about it. Before they agree to work with you, they should inquire about your medical and employment history.

Fair and Reasonable Fees

You should pay a reasonable and fair cost to a disability attorney for their services. The SSA determines the maximum amount a disability attorney can charge at $6,000, or 25% of your past-due benefits, whichever is less. The cost is subtracted from your back pay and is only covered if your claim is accepted. Some costs might also be associated with this, like shipping or medical records, but these should be low and discussed beforehand.


A lawyer should answer your questions so you can make an informed decision. You can ask them about their success rate, familiarity with your type of case, and how long they’ve been practicing disability law.

How to Identify Scammers

A small number of businesses take advantage of applicants for SSDI. If you see any of these warning signs, mark them as red flags:

  • They are not certified as a disability advocate or an attorney.
  • There are fees that you must pay upfront.
  • They promise to approve your benefits application.
  • You are under duress to sign a deal.
  • They won’t be straightforward with you about their fee schedule.

Choose the Best Social Security Disability Attorney

A successful Social Security Disability claim depends on selecting the appropriate attorney. Make an educated choice by considering experience, reputation, and customer feedback.

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