Applying for SSDI

The SSDI application process can be complex and lengthy, but with careful preparation, you can increase your chances of a successful claim. Here are some steps to follow when applying:

  1. Gather Medical Evidence: Compile comprehensive medical documentation that clearly outlines your disability and its impact on your ability to work. This includes medical records, test results, and statements from your treating physicians.
  1. Work History: Provide detailed information about your work history, including a list of past employers, job descriptions, and earnings. The SSA will use this information to assess your work credits and eligibility.
  1. Complete the Application: You can apply for SSDI benefits online, by phone, or by visiting your local Social Security office. You may also complete the application when you visit our office. The majority of our clients have not yet applied when they first come to us. Be prepared to provide detailed information about your medical condition, work history, and other income sources.
  1. Seek Legal Assistance: Consult with a Social Security Disability attorney or advocate experienced in SSDI claims. They can help you navigate the process, ensuring you provide all the necessary information and documentation.
  1. Wait for a Decision: After submitting your application, be prepared to wait several months. The SSA will review your case, consult with medical professionals, and decide based on your eligibility and medical evidence.
SSDI lawyers

Get the Help of Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys

When securing your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you deserve experienced guidance and tailored support.

Our disability attorneys at Greenbaum Breuer & Associates are here to be your advocates throughout the entire SSDI process. With our in-depth knowledge and commitment to your case, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your application is prepared effectively and, if necessary, navigate the appeals process.

Consult our trusted team today to maximize your chances of success and secure the financial support you need.